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Are you an athlete who participates in sports that involve throwing overhead? If so, you may be at risk of developing a rotator cuff injury. Bioinductive Bovine Augmentation surgeon, Dr. Mark Getelman provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Los Angeles who have developed a rotator cuff injury. Contact Dr. Getelman’s team today!

Bioinductive Bovine Augmentation as a Rotator Cuff Repair

A rotator cuff tear is a common shoulder injury that causes many individuals living in Van Nuys, Thousand Oaks and other Los Angeles, California communities to visit a physician each year. A torn rotator cuff, either partial or complete, has the ability to weaken the shoulder joint and cause daily, work and sporting activities to become difficult to perform. If a tear requires a surgical procedure to return joint stability and function, a new rotator cuff repair option known as bioinductive bovine augmentation may be recommended. Orthopedic shoulder surgeon, Dr. Mark Getelman offers this new, safe and less invasive procedure designed to create a repair using a bioinductive collagen implant.

The rotator cuff is a network of four muscle-tendon units that form a covering around the head of the humerus. The structure plays an important role in shoulder function by allowing the arm to rotate and lift. One or more of these tendons can become torn from an acute injury or degeneration. An acute injury that causes a tear is typically a fall on an outstretched arm or lifting a heavy item with a jerking motion. The majority of rotator cuff tears occur in patients who have some degeneration of the tendon during the body’s natural aging process.

When a torn rotator cuff occurs, the tendon is no longer fully attached to the humeral head. There are two types of tears, including:

  • Partial- This form of tear causes the soft tissue to become damaged but the tendon is not completely torn away from its attachment site.
  • Complete- Also known as a full thickness tear, this form of tear causes the soft tissue to be completely separated from the bone. In the majority of cases, the tendon tears directly off the attachment site.

Patients who fail nonoperative management will often require a surgical procedure to repair a torn rotator cuff and there are a variety of techniques available. Dr. Getelman utilizes several rotator cuff repair strategies, including bioinductive bovine augmentation.

A bioinductive bovine augmentation is a new surgical rotator cuff repair that is safe, less invasive and creates the repair using a bioinductive implant, with the graft placed over the injured tendon. The graft may be used for partial tears instead of a PASTA surgical repair. A bioinductive bovine augmentation can also be used as an augmentation to traditional rotator cuff repair for very large tears that can be repaired but are deemed to have a higher risk for compromised healing at the time of surgery.

The collagen implant encourages new tissue growth for improved healing by allowing blood vessels to infiltrate the porous implant. This leads to a production of new collagen and tendon growth. The implant itself is absorbed by the body within six months leaving the new tendon behind.

Dr. Getelman served as a clinical investigator evaluating the use of bioinductive bovine augmentation as a safe and effective surgical repair option.

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Bioinductive Bovine Augmentation Rotator Cuff Repair Protocols

Following a bioinductive bovine augmentation rotator cuff repair, patients will be prescribed a thorough rehabilitation program. This surgical technique allows for a more rapid recovery for partial thickness tears and many patients are able to recover with shorter rehabilitation following the procedure. Dr. Getelman and his team will prescribe a progressive physical therapy program that focuses on regaining shoulder motion and strength.

For additional information on a surgical bioinductive bovine augmentation rotator cuff repair, please contact the office of Dr. Mark Getelman – orthopedic shoulder surgeon serving Van Nuys, Thousand Oaks and Greater Los Angeles, California.