Suffering an orthopedic injury is often a painful and disabling event. Initial care is often provided in the Emergency Department but then the injured patient is faced with the difficult task of selecting the best sports medicine physician to provide definitive care.

The process of selecting a sports medicine physician may occur in various ways.  A direct referral from the Emergency Room doctor or from a primary care physician is a frequent avenue.  Many seek word of mouth referral from a family member or friend who may have had personal experience with a similar injury and obtained a good outcome. Such traditional options however appear to be less frequent in the current information age and many patients are using the Internet to do their research.

Training and experience are critical factors that should be carefully processed when selecting a surgeon. Dr. Getelman is a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon with advanced fellowship training and nearly 20 years of subspecialty practice in arthroscopic and minimally invasive shoulder and knee surgery. He is very highly rated on Healthgrades. He has published extensively, recently co-authored a textbook on shoulder arthroscopy and teaches surgical techniques to other surgeons throughout the US and around the world.

He is designated a Master Arthroscopist by the Arthroscopy Association of North America and the Orthopedic Learning Center and is a leader in surgical technique development. Perhaps, most importantly, Dr. Getelman is frequently selected by the doctors, nurses, and therapists most familiar with his work to provide surgical care for themselves and their family members. Being the surgeon of choice for many of his peers and colleagues is perhaps the highest honor.  Understanding that the same superior level of care will be provided for all patients sets Dr. Getelman apart.