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Are you a resident of Granada Hills? Have you sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury? Granada Hills sports medicine specialist, Dr. Mark Getelman provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Granada Hills who have sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury. Contact Dr. Getelman’s team today!

Dr. Mark Getelman, Shoulder Surgeon and Knee Specialist, Treats Local Granada Hills, CA Patients

Granada Hills, California is a lightly-populated, suburban residential community in Los Angeles. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills offers residents an active sports environment and a variety of city recreation centers designed to keep the local community fit, active and healthy. With an average of 286 sunny days per year, residents are able to go jogging, running, biking or hiking throughout the year. While the mountains, parks and recreation centers are a fantastic form of exercise, sports injuries can occur. Granada Hills, CA shoulder surgeon, knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Getelman, specializes in treating sports injuries specific to the knee and shoulder, and treats residents of Granada Hills to allow rapid return to athletic activities.

Shoulder Surgeon, Knee Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon Treating Granada Hills, CA Recreational Athletes

Granada Hills, California is the birthplace of Hall of Fame Football player John Elway and is an active community with a number of outdoor activities for local residents. The second largest park in Los Angeles, O’Melveny Park, offers 672 acres of developed and undeveloped areas. O’Melveny Park has miles and miles of mountain biking, hiking and running trails for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is also home to deer, bobcats and mountain lions that love to share the trails with locals.

The Granada Hills Recreation Center offers youth sports programs, such as basketball, baseball, flag football, softball and t-ball. The recreation center also offers baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, dance rooms and much more.

With all of the open spaces and recreational facilities available to residents all year, some residents may experience a sports related injury or overuse injury.

Granada Hills, CA shoulder surgeon, knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Getelman’s specialties are:

Sports Injury Treatment for Granada Hills, CA Soccer Athletes

There are various soccer clubs and leagues available to athletes of all playing levels. Granada Hills and John Elway Stadium are home to the Los Angeles Rampage, an American women’s soccer team that plays in the South Division of the Pacific Conference competing in the United States and Canada.

Soccer is a competitive sport that provides athletes a great form of exercise, but sports injuries and overuse injuries are common. Common soccer injuries treated by Dr. Getelman include ligament sprains and strains, ACL and meniscal injuries, fractures, contusions and concussions.

Sports Orthopedic Doctor Serving Young Athletes in Granada Hills, CA

Granada Hills, California is home to several high school athletic programs that offer students a wide variety of sports so they can participate and compete all year. These schools include:

  • John F. Kennedy High School
  • North Valley Charter Academy
  • Granada Hills Charter High School – home of John Elway Stadium

The most common injuries seen in high school athletes include ligament sprains and strains, but other injuries can also occur, such as concussions, bruises, muscle injuries, dislocations, fractures and growth related injuries. With the warm, mild weather, students in Granada Hills often engage in more than one sport and year round participation each school year and may also experience overuse injuries, such as tendonitis, bursitis and stress fractures.

If you live in the Granada Hills, California area and have experienced a sports injury or orthopedic injury, please contact Dr. Mark Getelman, Granada Hills, CA shoulder surgeon, knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon.