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Are you a resident of Newbury Park, CA? Have you sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury? Newbury Park orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Getelman provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Newbury Park who have sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury. Contact Dr. Getelman’s team today!

Knee Specialist & Shoulder Surgeon Treating
Newbury Park, CA Residents

Newbury Park, California is primarily located in the Thousand Oaks city limits in Ventura County. Newbury Park is consistently ranked as one of the safest and wealthiest communities in the country. The city is situated between the Santa Monica Mountains to the south and the protected Wildwood Regional Park to the north, providing unbelievable views and a variety of outdoor, athletic activities to local residents. Knee specialist and shoulder surgeon, Dr. Mark Getelman strives to return Newbury Park residents to the activities they love following a sports injury or orthopedic injury.

Shoulder Doctor and Knee Surgeon Treating Newbury Park, CA Outdoor Enthusiasts

Newbury Park, California has an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who love to exercise and remain active outside of a gym environment. Situated between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Wildwood Regional Park, residents are also in close proximity to:

  • Los Padres National Forest
  • Angeles National Forest
  • Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area
  • Los Robles Open Space Area
  • Arroyo Conejo Open Space Area
  • Hope Nature Reserve
  • Rancho Sierra Vista Park
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
  • Point Mugu State Park

With more than 100 miles of trails just in the Santa Monica Mountains alone, Newbury Park residents are able to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and trail running year round. Numerous trails in the local parks and recreational areas lead to gorgeous mountain peaks or the Pacific Ocean.

Many Newbury Park, California residents visit the local trails and parks year round and a number of residents experience sports injuries and orthopedic injuries while engaging in athletic activities.

Some of Dr. Getelman’s, knee specialist and shoulder surgeon, specialties are:

Sports Physician Serving the Newbury Park, CA High School Panthers

Newbury Park High School, home of the Panthers, has over 2,600 students and a newly renovated multi-sport stadium. Students have a wide number of sports they can join, including cross country, track and field, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball and swimming.

High school sports participation teaches students healthy competition and discipline, however, some students may experience a sports injury or overuse injury during the school year. The most common sports injuries in high school athletes include sprains, muscle strains, concussions, bruises and heat-related illnesses. The most common types of overuse injuries are associated with repetitive movements, such as tendonitis, bursitis, stress fractures and growth plate injuries.

If you live in the Newbury Park, California area and experienced a sports injury or overuse injury while engaging in high school sports or visiting the Santa Monica Mountains, please contact knee specialist and shoulder surgeon Dr. Mark Getelman.