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Are you a resident of Sherman Oaks, CA? Have you sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury? Sherman Oaks orthopedic doctor, Mark Getelman, MD provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Sherman Oaks, CA who have sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury. Contact Dr. Getelman’s team today!

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Sherman Oaks, California is a terrific neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. With a portion of the Santa Monica Mountains in the city and a diverse parks and recreation department, many local residents enjoy engaging in recreational sporting activities. Even though remaining active throughout the year is beneficial to the body, certain residents will experience a sports injury or overuse injury. When this occurs, residents of Sherman Oaks are encouraged to contact Dr. Mark Getelman, rotator cuff surgeon and knee specialist. Dr. Getelman specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide number of orthopedic injuries to the knee and shoulder joints.

Knee Surgeon and Shoulder Specialist Focuses on Returning Sherman Oaks, CA Mountain Athletes to Recreational Activities

Running through a portion of Sherman Oaks, California, the Santa Monica Mountains are one of the most visited natural areas in the state. With the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area in close proximity, residents are able to remain active throughout the year while enjoying the gorgeous Southern California weather. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area offers a wide variety of activities for the recreational athlete, including hiking, mountain biking, climbing, jogging and horseback riding.

All of these activities create an enjoyable sporting experience, but sports injuries and overuse injuries can occur. Common injuries associated with these activities include fractures, ligament injuries, muscle injuries, tendonitis and bursitis.

Dr. Getelman, rotator cuff surgeon and knee specialist, specializes in:

Sports Doctor Treating Sherman Oaks, CA Recreational Athletes

Sherman Oaks, California residents have the ability to visit one of the local parks and recreation areas year round. The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park is one of the most popular areas for families, as well as recreational athletes. The park offers baseball diamonds, basketball courts, football and soccer fields and tennis courts. The city also operates a large batting cage facility.

Mature residents are able to visit the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Senior Citizen Center in order to stay active and engaged in the local community. Local residents often visit the facility to dance, do aerobics, or participate in fitness classes.

In his nearby office locations, Dr. Getelman is available to assist any Sherman Oaks, California resident who has experienced a sports injury, no matter athletic level or age.

If you live in Sherman Oaks, California and have experienced a sports injury or overuse injury to the shoulder or knee joint, please contact Dr. Mark Getelman, rotator cuff surgeon and knee specialist.