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Are you a resident of Ventura County, CA? Have you sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury? Ventura County orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Getelman provides diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for patients in Ventura County who have sustained a shoulder, knee or sports related injury. Contact Dr. Getelman’s team today!

ACL Surgeon and Rotator Cuff Specialist Serving
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Ventura, California lies between the bustling cities of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. As the county seat of Ventura County, Ventura is a larger city with various recreational activities for active residents to enjoy. Ventura County is well-known for the quality and frequency of surfing at popular spots, and is home to the soccer clubs of Ventura County Football Club and the Ventura County Fusion. When an athlete of any level living in Ventura County, California experiences a sports injury or overuse injury, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Mark Getelman, ACL surgeon and rotator cuff specialist. Dr. Getelman treats residents suffering from an orthopedic injury and return them to the activities they love.

Sports Medicine Specialist Serving Ventura County, CA Surfing Enthusiasts

Ventura County, California, especially the city of Ventura, is known around the world for its quality of waves for surfing. A popular spot among locals is Surfer’s Point. Surfing is a fantastic sport for water athletes who love a little more adventure.

While surfing is great fun and a terrific form of exercise, there is a potential downside with the risk of acute and overuse orthopedic injuries. The most common orthopedic conditions treated by Dr. Getelman in Ventura County surfers are strains, sprains, dislocations and fractures, with the knee and shoulder joints being two of the most commonly injured joints. Many of these injuries are caused by falling, forced shoulder flexion, landing on the shoulder and chronic overuse while paddling.

Dr. Getelman, ACL surgeon and rotator cuff specialist, specializes in:

Orthopedic Doctor Specializing in Injured Soccer Athletes from Ventura County, CA

Ventura County, California is home to two popular soccer clubs, Ventura County Football Club and Ventura County Fusion.  Although soccer provides a fun and exciting form of exercise, soccer players are prone to sports injuries and overuse injuries. Injuries to the lower extremity, such as the knee, are the most common in soccer. Common lower extremity injuries include sprains and strains, cartilage injuries, knee fractures, shin splints, patellar tendonitis and stress fractures. Shoulder dislocations are also a common injury from a fall on an outstretched arm or from player-to-player contact.

If you live in Ventura County, California and experienced an orthopedic injury from soccer or surfing, please contact Dr. Mark Getelman, ACL surgeon and rotator cuff specialist.